Name : Darky Ryu                                             名前 : ダーキ竜

Age : 23

Birthday : 4 October

Race : Wolf                                                           種族:狼獣人

Height : 187cm                                                    身長:187cm

Weight : 80kg                                                      体重:80kg

Eyes      : Blue                                                       瞳:ブルー

Favorite things: Ice Cream                                好きなもの : アイスクリーム

Dislikes : Leech                                                    嫌いなもの: リーチ
Personality: Cute, Crazy, Cool, shy, adult , charming, friendly

Good Range : C3-C5

Favorite Beast/FURloid Artist : All of them!

Admire Beast/FURloid Artist : SECRET XDE




Character Histories

Darky Ryu is a black-gray wolf who really to eat ice cream. He is muscular wolf , had blue eyes and marking pattern at his face. At first, the name was use "DarkDragon563 (Wolf form)" in CV and CVVC voice bank. In May 2015, VCV voice bank was release and the name is change official as Darky Ryu , in Japanese as ダーキ 竜 . Darky Ryu name based from the owner name which meant Darky is DARK and Ryu is a Japanese word means DRAGON , when these two word is combine, it will be DarkDragon.